June; Proverbs 6

Proverbs 6

When you’re driving somewhere for the first time, isn’t it so much easier to follow someone? When you’re doing a new task for the first time, learning by watching someone is so much easier than doing it alone. And facing a difficult problem is so much easier when we talk to someone who’s been through it.

Churches are at their very best when they are intergenerational.
And this is because as church, we are a family of God’s people.
We use the familial terms brother and sister when referring to other church family members, but we don’t often hear father and mother.
And this can be indicative of the lack of spiritual fathers and mothers within our church families.

God’s wisdom has the following to say;

“My son, obey your father’s commands,
and don’t neglect your mother’s instruction.
Keep their words always in your heart.
Tie them around your neck” (v.20-21, NLT)

In one sense, of course, the father’s commands and the mother’s instruction are God, the Father’s, wisdom to us.

But there is a more immanent, literal meaning to these words (aside from our physical parents).
In any church family there will be people who are one step ahead of us in the journey of faith.
People who have faced the very challenges that we currently face.
People who have overcome the struggles we’re in.
People who have asked the same questions that we might be asking.
These are our spiritual fathers and mothers, and we should listen to their wisdom because they might be able to help us to live in a kingdom way in our situations.

Conversely, whether we’ve been a Christian for 1 day or 10,000, whether we’re 8 or 80, we will be one step ahead of someone. We can be a spiritual father or mother to them! Our advice, our wisdom is valuable, and our relationship with God is something they can learn from.

So, two things for you to think about today. Who could I be a spiritual parent to? Who can I ask for some spiritual parental advice?

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