Psalm 43

Psalm 43

In the Hebrew Bible Psalm 42 & 43 are joined together.  The refrain at the end of this Psalm echoes that from Ps 42.  This link highlights that both Psalms are about when life doesn’t make sense. 

At some point in our Bibles they were separated and they have a distinct focus.  This is a Psalm about dealing with injustice, the Psalmist is responding to deception and injustice against him.

He responds by turning to God.  

We have some clear truths about God here which help us when we are victims of injustice. 

joshua-earle-9idqIGrLuTE-unsplashRefuge: – our safe place for protection.

Light:  God’s light is powerful, it changes what we can see and light, although seemingly not a physical substance, scientifically brings life to both plants and humans.

Truth: God’s truth is our rock, solid ground for our thoughts and emotions.  Truth is something we can trust.  This is particularly important when we are lied about, or lied to.  The lies of others can insidiously get into our minds & hearts, they can unsettled us, cause us to doubt what we believe.

Holy hill, Dwelling.  For the ancient Jews, worship was centred on Mount Zion and the temple.  They gathered there and the Holy of Holies was God’s dwelling, the place of his Presence on earth.  Wonderfully that has changed for us.  First through the exile, then Jesus’ resurrection and the day of Pentecost, God’s dwelling is with us.  We don’t have to climb a mountain or visit a church building to meet with God. (Although some find both those places helpful) – He is with you, wherever you are right now.  [Pause now, to recognise that.]

That is especially important right now as we are quarantined in our own homes.  Your one piece of daily exercise might include climbing a hill, it can’t include the church building.  God is with you.  His refuge, light and truth are all available for you today.

The Psalmist is confused, doesn’t understand why his heart is downcast.  He’s been lied to and lied about and suffered from the evil of others. Yet he chooses to sing to God.  Do that today, whatever your emotional state, whatever forms of worship you like.  

Choose to sing, to worship God.  Get past the awkward feeling of something different.  Sing and make a joyful noise to the Lord.joshua-earle-9idqIGrLuTE-unsplash

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